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Who’s responsible? Here they are…

402 Ben

Ben Butler is one of Rocknerd’s editors. So there.

175 David Gerard

80 ms45

79 acb

acb has been going to gigs since seeing The Paradise Motel in 1996 or so. His favourite Australian film is Dogs In Space. He recently acquired one of those LiveGerbil things.

74 Sandro

32 redcountess

28 Clem Bastow

Clem was once sent home from a birthday party after being branded “an attention-seeking bad influence” when she re-enacted the entire catalogue of TAC commercials at the dinner table. She owns two copies of Devo’s Are We Not Men, and two copies of Silk Degrees by Boz Scaggs.

27 rockbofh

The RockBOFH doesn’t post a lot, but instead tries to make sure the wheels don’t fall off. In a technical sense, anyway.

17 datakid

…just wants to protect the world from democracy.

12 cuz

cuz previously has been known to have run a crap record label, published a fanzine filled with his dyslexic rants, ran an unsuccessful bookstore, dabbled in web design, sound design, photography & was once a dj on 3RRR. He now lives in Bakersfield CA USA and some times works in radio…

10 snozrap

…loves music, and talking about it. Fell in love with a girl at a Hives gig, but unfortunately lost her in the crowd. He has fallen in love with many songs at gigs also, but hasn’t lost them.

6 bulion

6 childeric

6 Arkady

Arkady is not, contrary to popular opinion, a Russian organisatsya hitman. She is a rather small slender Goth from the UK who just happens to have a Russian name, an avid interest in music, and a fondness for sharp pointy objects. Such as swords. *Ahem*

3 Paranoid Android

Paranoid Android is an account whose sole purpose is to act as an anonymous author. It’s only used to post stories whose real authors don’t wish to take credit for – for whatever reason.

3 Barbarella

3 weasels_of_fire

3 Swisstone

Swisstone is not Swiss, though his name is Tony. He was once in a band that, before he joined, supported Hole. He still considers this the coolest thing he’s ever done.

2 zoomusicgirl

1 DurAnorak

1 frou-frou

1 Dave Jetson

Grumpy and cynical. Still plays guitar.

1 Walt

1 mute