FAQ » Rocknerd: Not Dead Yet


Evidently, these are the frequently asked questions.

We don’t really have any yet, but here are a few problems that are bound to crop up that spring to mind:

What is this? Rocknerd is a news and discussion site focusing on music and the music industry. It tends to have a Melbourne focus, as most of the admins are from there.

Do I need to login? No. You can post without logging in. You get to be called “Industry Shill”, though.

Why would I bother logging in? Logged in users can customise the homepage, write in their journal, start their own discussions, customise their message-viewing options, and do lots of other stuff. You could waste your whole day playing with the doodads.

Why doesn’t the discussion I created turn up when I search for it? We don’t know either. It’s a conspiracy. It’s still there, though – make sure you know the URL.