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Leoncie, Iceland’s Hottest Pop Secret

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Iceland has given the world a number of unique musical acts in recent years, among them Björk, Múm and Sigur Rós; and now there’s Leoncie. The self-styled “Singer with the Black Beautiful Powerful Voice” writes all her own words and music and “blends South American and Portuguese rhythms with modern pop-rock beats which creates a dynamic blend called Leoncie Music”, which she describes as “European PowerPop-and RaunchyRock-Dance”; this is borne out in titles like “Sexy Loverboy”, “Radio Rapist-Wrestler”, “Sex Crazy Cop” and “Safe Sex – Take Me Deeper”, which are accompanied by promotional photos of Leoncie smiling through heavy make-up and showing off her more than ample cleavage (in her own words, ‘”A Little Bit Of My Cleavage Shows, And Then The Icelandic Volcano Explodes.” Boooom!’). So what is she like?

There are two MP3s on the site for your delectation; in addition, 2-minute samples can be downloaded from the website hawking her latest CD, which you can’t miss as it’s linked to copiously. The music itself alternates between General-MIDI 1980s pop-soul and General-MIDI 1980s beer commercial rock, with vocals sounding somewhere between Whitney Houston (or perhaps LaToya Jackson) and a Wagnerian valkyrie.

Leoncie’s lyrics, it must be said, are a gem of originality in this age of mass-produced chart pop. Not for her the mundane rules of rhyme and scansion, or ploddingly conventional themes. Instead we get songs about evil wrestlers, cities of Satanists, men who live in pink houses and eat pink sausages and sex-crazed cops described in lurid detail. Not to mention refreshingly literal exercises in avoidance of tired metaphors; her song “Invisible Girl”, for example, steers clear of the predictable angst lesser songwriters would heap on such a title; instead, it is “about a special-powerful girl, going places and unstoppable too”. How can you argue with that?

In the age of impersonal, corporate artist pages heavy on flash and light on personality, Leoncie’s home page is a breath of fresh air as well, brimming with personal details and nuggets of wisdom from Leoncie herself. For example, her favourite singers are Britney Spears, Cher and Tina Turner, her favourite actors are Steven Seagal, Sylvester Stallone, The Rock and Mr. Bean, and her favourite politicians are Tony Blair and George Bush (who “is Special too and has great Character and Style”). Not only that, but she’s a fabulous cook, and even sews some of her own stage clothes. Which is why everyone needs to buy her CDs now.

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